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Marek Susdorf on music, colonialism, the category of the human and capitalism

In this episode Marek Susdorf, a Polish researcher, writer and artist, speaks with Solveig about music, colonialism, the category of the human and capitalism. He reads an excerpt from his novel "Dziennik znaleziony w błękicie" and we listen to music handpicked by Marek. Music in this episode: Tract for Valerie Solanas by Matmos (cited) Bamboo Banga by M.I.A (cited) Let My People Go by Diamanda Galas (cited) Red Football by Sinead […]

todayJanuary 2, 2022


Agata Zelechowska on music-induced movement, vocal music and Slavic songs

Agata Zelechowska is a researcher interested in music psychology and body movement. In this conversation we speak about music-induced movement, the human voice, the menstrual cycle and Slavic songs. Agata even does a beautiful demonstration of some of the songs. Here are the Slavic songs she sang: Pusta mladost (Bulgaria) Rasti, rasti moj zeleni bore (Serbia) Letila zozula (Ukraine) Jurija, ustavai rana (Belarus) Oj, gorzaline pilbym (Poland) Here is a […]

todayMay 21, 2021