The shocking lack of female music producers- and the songwriting camp that is working on a change.

With only two percent of professional music producers being women, something doesn’t quite seem right in today’s music industry. The good news is that there is a growing awareness of this issue and projects like Nordic Songs that are working on a change.

Nordic Songs is a group of music graduates from the newly founded Lillehammer Institute of Music Production and Industries (LIMPI). After finishing their studies with mentors such as Stargate, Andreas Schuller, Emily Warren, Espen Lind, and Fred Ball they decided to start organizing their own songwriting camps.

Soon realising how few female producers they knew themselves, they started planning a camp for womxn producers and writers. For that, the team is collaborating with partners such as Music Norway, TONO, NOPA, GramArt, Talent Norge, Norsk Tipping, Musikkforleggerne, Sony Music Norway and Arctic Rights. Participants include Adelen, RebMoe, Emily Vaughn, Iselin and many other talents from Scandinavia and the US. 

I interviewed Kristin Marie and Gucci Caliente about the reasons for the imbalance in the music industry, the effects on the listener as well as what has to happen in order to change and empower more girls and women to step up.




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