Jeg (musikksjef, Henrik) har tatt meg en liten pause fra å lage lister, mens vår praktikant Sophie Hertenstein fra Tyskland har satt sammen herlige låter fra både inn- og utland. God lytting!


1. Charli XCX feat. HAIM – Warm (3.45)

To say that the self titled album “Charli” that Charli XCX released this fall was anticipated would be an understatement. After two mixtapes and one leaked body of work that was supposed to be an album, expectations and conspiracy theories were running high. Charli is a blessing for Pop music, with the ability to combine the Avantgarde with the “state of mind”, the super fun party bops (Shake It) with very reflected, honest pieces (Warm, White Mercedes).

2. Gabrielle – Tenker på deg (4.35)

Deeply sad, a stunning song as well as video. Seeing somebody you might still love move on, get over you with the lightness of a leaf in autumn, can leave you feeling disbelieving of how it’s possible that they are feeling so free when they are so present in your head at the same time. A wonderful video idea, where Gabrielle is hanging out with her assuringly ex-love and their new partner. Devastating emotional third wheeling.

3. Sasha Sloan – Thoughts (3:07)

Sasha Sloans voice is like fingers carefully stitching up your heart, unveiling the insecurities some of us hide behind the 21st century mantra of “self love”. Sasha is the master of Indie- pop, that is always painfully raw and introspective, but always so tasteful that it never seems exibitionist. Listening to her songs never makes you feel hopeless, but rather as if your emotions found a safe place in her songs. Sasha Sloan is to be trusted. 

5. Lil Halima – Type of Way (2.41)

Lil Halima has an aura that is incredibly strong and recognisable. There is something very soothing and reassuring about it. The EP is focusing on the subjectivity of girls and women of colour. Her poetic lyrics and soulful vocals blend wonderfully with the synths and percussional production of collaborator Canto. 

6. Tuvaband – He said me too (4.43)

In the 2nd single from her upcoming album, Tuva is putting herself in the point of view of an individual from an angry, oppressive group of people. Her post- rock, ambient sounds and voice is telling a story of despair and aching blindness.

7. HIGHASAKITE – Can I be forgiven (4.30)

In the movie “Walk the Line” Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash says that a song should always be written as if you’re lying in the mud, it’s raining and you’re about to die. It needs to have that urgent- and honesty. Last year’s release “God don’t leave me now” for me was exactly that and this time again Highasakite produced something that is as dramatic and emotional without being corny at all as possible.

8. Caroline Polachek – So hot you’re hurting my feelings (3.04)

With writing and producing Beyonce’s “No Angel” Caroline Polachek has capultated herself into the awareness of a lot of people. On October 19th she released the first album under her real name. With the song there comes a video that is just as the music itself: Artsy, inspiring and amazingly performed. Witchy Kate Bush vibes all the way. 

9. Anna of the North – Dream Girl (2.32)

Dream Girl is the first and title track of Anna of the North’s upcoming release, which she describes as the “moving on album”. It’s a song about “wishing to be someone you’re not, to be happier than you are”. It is heartbreak covered by a sugary smile, losing somebody but forcing yourself to keep an “all things go” mindset. 

10. Vera Hotsauce – One Time (2.13)

Blunt lyrics and confessions of emotions, Vera seems like the cool girl you want to party with. “One Time” and the follow up single “On You” are both part of her upcoming EP “Blue Pill”. Electro Pop with an attitude that is so very refreshing and makes it impossible to not believe that she will be a big name in a couple of years.

11. LULI – Under vann (3.30)  

A chilling piece of work thematizing our relationship with planet earth, and how we need it more than it needs us. This song is the captivating result of a collaboration between up and coming Norwegian artists LULI and producer Bendik Moe Krogh, both students of the newly found LIMPI. Unsettling rhymes mixed with dramatic synths and piercing vocals leave you feeling the breeze and salt of the rising tide on your skin.

12. Lizzo – Good as Hell (feat. Ariana Grande) (2.39)

Originally this song was released by Lizzo in 2016. Now it’s gotten a make over and and an added part by Ariana Grande. Monday morning getting ready for work playlist or Sunday afternoon anti- hangciety anthem, a Lizzo a day keeps the sorrows away! 

13. King Princess – If You think it’s Love (3.24)

“If this is love, I want my money back, ‘cause I could use the check, to spend it on a better heart, to wear upon my sleeve.” King Princess’s songs sometimes can be very cryptic, but the images are so strong that even if you don’t fully understand what she means it doesn’t matter, because it will mean something to you. 

14. Bendik – Våken (4.48)

Somewhere between lullaby and battle cry this carries darkness as well as safety. Taking from Bendik’s last EP release “Det går bra” it is music you want to watch the snow falling to. 

15. Torine – Dancing in my sleep (3.20)

The new wave of Europo- inspired melodies has a new member. After artists like Ava Max started embracing the anthemy stylistics that are bringing up memories of early 2000s and Grand Prix, Torine is adding to this trend with her dreamy, yet Pop track “Dancing in my Sleep”. 

16. Victoria – Fixated (2.44)

Groovy unapologetic piece that is admitting to being obsessive some time. Charming and honest while being super funky and electronic at the same time. 

17. Emma Steinbakken – Not Gonna cry (3.25)

Powerful song about resisting the temptation to go back to a familiar, yet unhealthy situation. The video keeps the perfect balance between storytelling and meaningful images. Coming off age movies scenes in a small Norwegian town, beautiful colours and textures. 

18. SKAAR – Five Times (3.25)

Resentful and “over it” Skaar presents the person that hurt her with her view of them. Soundscapes that are reminding of artists like Banks and VÉRITÉ. This should go right on your “WHY NOT TO TEXT BACK” playlist.


Denne perioden kommer vi til å sende gjenhør med lister fra tidligere i år i B-listeslottet.

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