Playlist 3.juni 2010

Playliste for sendingen 3.6/7.6 m/ ukas soundtrack

First we take manhattan – Leonard Cohen
I`ve told every little star – Angelo Badalamenti
I put a spell on you – Marilyn Manson
Wild night – Martha Reeves
Sahara Blues – Orchestra di Piazza Vittorto
Let your fingers do the walleing –  Sort Sol
Zig zag wanderer – Captein Beafheart and his magic band
Death is not the end – Nick CAve and the bad seeds

Ukas Soundtrack: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Television OST)

Guided by Voices – Teenage FBI
The Sundays – Wild Horses
Four Star Mary – Pain

Denne sendingen kan høres i reprise mandag 7.juni kl 14:00-15:00

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