Pedro Aibeo at Solveigs speisa musikk! Folkemusikk, gotisk sekkepiperock, arkitektonisk demokrati

Pedro Aibeo and Solveig Sørbø

Pedro Aibeo on folk music and more (episode in English)

Guest: Pedro Aibeo
Host: Solveig Sørbø
Technician: Line Bliksås

Music in this episode:
Tuuli – Hedningarna
Katla – Wolfenmond
Kongurai – Huun-Huur-Tu
Adroneline – Homebound
Blessing – Huun-Huur-Tu

We spoke about folk music, music as a mother tongue, bagpipes, vibrations, rhythm, direct democracy, gothic alterative mideaval rock, architectural democracy, drone music and more.

Episode recorded 24th August 2020 and aired 31st August on radiOrakel.


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