Marek Susdorf on music, colonialism, the category of the human and capitalism

Marek Susdorf eating music

In this episode Marek Susdorf, a Polish researcher, writer and artist, speaks with Solveig about music, colonialism, the category of the human and capitalism. He reads an excerpt from his novel “Dziennik znaleziony w błękicie” and we listen to music handpicked by Marek.

Music in this episode:

Tract for Valerie Solanas by Matmos (cited)

Bamboo Banga by M.I.A (cited)

Let My People Go by Diamanda Galas (cited)

Red Football by Sinead O’Connor (cited)

Corporate Cannibal by Grace Jones (cited)

Hollow – Björk (cited)

Guest: Marek Susdorf

Host: Solveig Sørbø

Technician: Gustav “Guse” Jørgensen Espelid

First aired on radiOrakel 7th September 2021

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