Irene Teixidor-Toneu and the Nordic companion Angelica

Ugress på engelsk nok en gang. This interiew with ethnobotanist Irene Teixidor-Toneu explores Angelica (også kjent som Kvann) for the third time on Ugress. Angelica was preveously discussed with Elise Embla on its mythological nature in Norway and Sapmi and with Feli Muck on its use in Chinese medicine.

This episode we are enter into the land of Nordic people and plants, a project connecting us humans with our surounding botanical flora today and through history. We discuss the ways Irene is working with this. After we turned of the mic and the recording was done, we spoke about how the two of us discuss plants and how wording can change things. Do we want to call plants such as Angelica archangelica ‘usefull plants’ or do we want to call them ‘plant companions’ or ‘plant allies’?

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