12:00 / 22. aug. / Black Crown Owls besøker Lines Lune Landing

TuNe iN på radiOrakel og Lines Lune Landing kl. 12:00 søndag 22. august! Da får du intervjuet med Odysseas Kousoulas som har prosjektet Black Crown Owls. Det blir feit muskk fra gjesten og som vanlig - hyggelig samtale!

Black Crown Owls is at its core a band that likes to combine elements of Grunge, Stoner, Psychedelic, Alternative, Garage and Blues Rock.

Formed by vocalist and guitarist Odysseas Kousoulas who moved to Oslo some many years back, B.C.O. wouldn’t materialise until late 2019. By then Odysseas had become a regular amongst some of Oslo’s best jam night venues, where he met, jammed and befriended a plethora of great artists most notably Mathias Hagfors and Olve Flakne who were friends for years already and had played in bands together before.

Having many common musical influences yet different enough to keep the creativity flowing, Odysseas and Mathias started writing new songs as well as working on some of the many previous recorded material written by Odysseas over the last years.

The band just released their first singles and is planning on releasing more singles as well as a full length album later in 2021.

You can follow Black Crown Owls on Facebook>> and Instagram: @black_crown_owls_official


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