Sounds of Kali is back!

After a short break Sounds of Kali is back on the air on her usual spot fridays 13.00-14.00. Olga (a.k.a DJ Hellgi 23) plays easterneuropeanelectroclash-punk-coldwave. If she is in the mood, then some industrial avantgarde and ambient-something as well. Sometimes she comments on what she thinks are important current social issues.


  • blupman sier:

    hello, just heard a rerun of this today (tirsdag 7th) and after the introductionary (rather weird song) and two other songs, there was a japanese act whose name sounded like «sushi manilla» I’m interested in this, but I cannot find anything online and I think the name is wrong somehow? can you please spell out the name of the artist and maybe some of the albums please?
    reply here or send to my emailadress

    thank you.

    hallo hørte netto en reprise på «sounds of kali» i dag tirsdag 7., etter intro sangen var det et par andre sanger og så noe med en japansk artist som hette «Sushi Manilla» eller noe sånt. jeg finner ikke noe online så jeg tror jeg må ha hørt feil – kan noen væresåsnille å skrive dét navnet enten her, eller i mail til ? plis plis
    tusen takk!

  • Admin sier:

    Hei, svar fra Sounds of Khali:
    japan girls from TsuShiMamire and it could be song «Umeboshi plum big seeds» from «Pregnant fantasy»

  • La lucha sier:

    Hei. Hørte nettopp på sok og hørte en utrolig kul norsk hiphoplåt med en gjeng damer. Den ble spilt en stund før «Emma». Hvem var det? Hjelp?

  • chris sier:

    Hi. I heard a great song from some women collection of norwegian female hip hop. Been searching for the song forever, but I cant find it. Its a while ago and it was played about half an hour before Linda Vidalas Emma.



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